Making good use of B.M. NAGANO's experience of import and export for forty years mainly in electronics field, cooperation with our company’s overseas basses (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai) and network in Asia (India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Burma, Bhutan and others), Middle East and Africa (Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Turkey and others), newly adding food, medical supplies, environmental products and so on to office equipment, home electrics, precision equipment which are our company's handling products since its inauguration, we supply products, know-how and services.

Making best use of B.M. NAGANO's rich overseas network and strong infrastructure of business built on areas, as a trading company which has moving force, we finely act as a mediator between customers and overseas.
Please inquire us even if it is trivial from business consultation to investigation. We develop service making good use of our moving force based on our mission to play a role in making our clients and the world together.