President's Greeting

Shingo Murakami Group PresidentSince establishment of B.M.NAGANO CO., LTD. in 1971 for over fifty years, we have been making best effort to meet the customers’ needs as specialized company of electronic equipment and parts. My heart is overflowing with gratitude toward supportive patronage of our customers who make it possible for us to keep suppling our products and customized technologies for verified needs in the market where there have been continuous changes such as globalization, technological innovation, etc.

In the last 10 years, the changes in the market is so fast and so drastic such as emerging countries’ competitiveness catch-up, drastical fluctuation of exchange rate, shortening product life cycles, environmental consideration about materials, commodification of products and so on. In such market, what I always question myself is the word “soshin-shinko” (return to simple heart and deeply think again, a motto of a Japanese mathematician, Heisuke Hironaka). In this age of flooding information, Different types of information such as music, movie, advertisement, and news are sent from mass-media, internet and SNS night and day.

I think that the present era is an era in which find out the truth is difficult and difficult to be moved. “Bing moved” becomes chance to instantly change not only oneself but others. I believe in the best “ahead of moved and excited” is yet to come. To be the number-one company in customer satisfaction more than ever, we, all the staff, determined to move forward.

Shingo Murakami
Group President
 Shingo Murakami Group President