Natural Energy for your life
    BM Nagano Co., Ltd. proposes environmental friendly products.
    It is a specialized trading company offering members for renewable energy.
    We have a system unique to trading companies, we have system components in Japan and overseas, we will propose to meet your needs.

    Solar power generation system
    ◎Solar cell module

    We are providing official substitute for the world's leading solar module brand "Suntellite" and leading solar modules from domestic and overseas manufacturers, "BYD", the leading leading composite manufacturer in China.

    ◎Power Conditioner
    A power conditioner that converts DC power generated by the solar module to AC power. We are an authorized representative of Chinese major companies Sungrow, we provide power conditioners of major manufacturers both in Japan and abroad.

    Wind power generation system

    "Small wind power generation" suitable for the climate of Japan than before. By selecting the location from the suitability of the land to be installed and carrying out wind condition simulation, we realized the best compact wind power generation system. The small wind turbine supplied by our company has output power of 9.8 kW per unit, and by installing two units it is possible to sell electricity at less than 20 kW with high purchase price. The purchase price by the fixed price purchase plan (FY 2013) is preferential treatment of 55 yen / kWh (tax excluded), and it is possible to sell for 20 years. We will keep the investment cost low through an integrated system from design to construction.

    Biomass power generation system

    Biomass power generation using unused waste as fuel will lead to reuse and reduction of waste, and will greatly contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society. Biomass power generation, which uses PKS (palm palm shell), which is relatively inexpensive and generates a lot of energy compared to other biomass fuels, as a power generation fuel, attracts attention.
    In addition to PKS (palm shell), we offer fuels for biomass power generation such as wood pellets and EFB (empty palm pellet) pellets.